Business Plan

West London Business (WLB) has a turnover of c.£400k per annum and a staff team of four, supported by a network of associates. In 2015/16 we are targeting to generate a 5% surplus to support investment and rebuild our reserves.

WLB is relatively lean, high impact and the WLB brand has increased its equity through the difficult recession years. WLB is perceived as credible, energetic and enjoyable. We have proved ourselves agile and have an extensive track record of delivery.

We have experienced strong growth in membership over the past year. A recovering economy, as well as initiatives such as the West London Business Awards, the Park Royal Business Group, data enhancement and digital marketing have all contributed.

As the leading voice for business in North-West London our focus is now to secure WLB’s financial basis, grow membership and membership services, re-establish West London’s private/public sector alliances.

Our business plan (of which this is a summary) is designed to provide some clear objectives, and to set a strategic framework and actions to help us achieve them.

Headline Objectives:

• To secure WLB’s financial future by growing membership, existing and new revenues and controlling costs
• To support business growth in West London with an innovative programme of value-adding services built around three pillars:

• Shared through high quality monthly e-newsletter
• Establish a bank of best practice case studies online featuring
annual awards winners and finalists
• Phase in a ‘members-only’ public policy portal, business
information and leadership resources

• Promote West London as a preferred business investment
location and the UK’s 2nd great economic powerhouse
• Put a spotlight on Heathrow expansion as critical to the sub-
region, whilst launching in early 2016 policy commissions to
develop thought leadership in a range of key areas
• Make the case for re-establishing a sub-regional public-
private investment/ delivery vehicle

• High quality, enjoyable events with clear purpose and
outcomes – segmented by sector and size of business
• Support our members make B2B connections
• Provide marketing platforms for personal and
brand profile raising

The above is an Executive Summary. WLB’s full business plan from which this is extracted is developed, reviewed and approved by our board.