Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï are becoming Ayming, a new international consulting group

Formed from the merger between Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï, these two businesses have joined to create a new international consulting Group: Ayming
Ayming provides companies with strategic and operational support to improve and sustainably develop their overall performance in four key areas of expertise: Human Resources, Operations (e.g. strategic purchasing, WCR, supply chain), Finance and Innovation.
 Ayming’s service offerings are characterised by three key premises:
  • Securing – supporting clients with risk prevention and management;
  • Accelerating – optimising processes, and improving organisational growth and funding;
  • Anticipating – developing growth strategies and reallocating resources.


As a group Ayming now possesses complementary areas of expertise across business performance improvement, and an increased international presence enabling it to meet its clients’ expectations.
“For the last 30 years, French and international companies have been placing their full trust in us to support them on a daily basis in improving their performance and reaching their objectives. Our clients’ success and recognition of our expertise are clearly our greatest rewards. Today, the Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï teams are particularly proud to become Ayming. This name conveys our business performance frame of mind, i.e. knowing how to develop the overall performance of companies by detecting it wherever it exists and putting everything in place to deliver concrete, measurable results for the long term. This is our unique way of practising our business”, announced Hervé AMAR, President of Ayming.


 Carlos Bofill, International Director for Ayming’s Northern region has said,
“Control and improvement of company performance in the current time is becoming more and more crucial; with a solid international presence, Ayming is ready to assist its clients with a team of experts able to deliver value performance programs in either local or cross-national missions. International and business performance are part of our DNA and our 20,000 clients based in a large number of countries can prove it.