Business Rates confusion and what to do come April 2017!

Business Rates confusion and what to do come April 2017!

With the impending rise in coverage on Business Rates we have made sure we have been there to comment on the impact this will have on businesses across the country. We have been working with the local property agents of West London Colliers, Vail Williams and Knight Frank to get this information to those it will effect Colliers and Vail Williams have both produced support on what to do next:

Colliers have bee striving to get the information at the top of the media pile and below is a selection of what they have been doing. Also they have created a “what it all means” presentation to help businesses filter all the information. One of the big points they have recovered is that empty spaces (business exempt from business rates) has increased by 234% for retail space

Click on the pictures to find out more:

Vail Williams have looked to create a simple overview of what it all means to help guide you through the confusion. Below is a brief overview and also webinar to help support you through these changing times.


Knight Frank has focused on how to appeal business rates, by checking a number of factors highlighted in their step-by-step guide, it should help find out whether you are eligible to challenge the VOA’s rateable value and reduce your business rates costs. Click below for more details.


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