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Learn winning leadership techniques for remote teams with our FREE webinar
This hour-long session brings you world-class leadership advice from Dr Liz Mellon, a global expert on authentic leadership with remote teams. Liz has worked with leaders from top organisations including the New York Times, HSBC, Shell, the Foreign Office, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BP and Novartis.
Join Dialogue for their upcoming webinar and discover how to lead teams wherever they are – no longer should physical distance be a barrier to authentic, credible leadership that delivers results.
Attend this webinar and discover:
·         the key factors in gaining trust from your team
·         how to beat the time-zone trap
·         why to getting to know your remote team is key – and how to do it
·         brilliant new ways to get to know your people through remote technology, webinars and videoconferencing
·         how to become an expert diplomat, understand national customs and succeed as a global leader
·         the secret to holding difficult conversations


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