Jeeeni, The Game Changer


Our mission
Make Jeeeni The Standard by which businesses and organisations will interact with their
audience via the Smartphone.
London – November 15, 2015 – Mobile commerce has witnessed unprecedented growth this
decade and research by PWC, forecasts continued mobile growth for businesses.

Google cites those businesses that do not have a smartphone presence are losing 1 day of trade per week and soon risk going out of business completely. The importance for companies, organisations
and government bodies to have a comprehensive presence on the smartphone is clear.
While the cost of developing a mobile solution is within the realm of large corporations and
governmental bodies, it is prohibitively expensive and technically challenging for almost 95% of
businesses. Even if the cost was not an issue, if every business and organisation had their own
App, it will be impractical for Users to download even a fraction of them. Furthermore, Users will be unlikely to download an App for a single or limited use case.
Jeeeni offers a single platform by which any business and organisation can create a tailored
solution to engage with their audience in multiple channels. With a host of marketing tools,
Jeeeni caters for almost all industries and is supported by a number of ‘find’ options such as
“Search”, “Events” & ”Offers” to deliver value. To date no competitor offers the range and depth
of features that are available to Jeeeni Clients. Qualified individuals in this industry have made
encouraging statements regarding our product, including WPP, the world leader in marketing
communication services and digital marketing specialists “We Are Social”, that operates at the
heart of the digital space of the largest companies. A powerful ‘Social’ counterpart shall soon
augment the ‘Commercial’ version of Jeeeni.


Jeeeni allows users to connect & engage with thousands of businesses, communities and
services, all from one app. Everything is covered, from collecting rewards to ordering food,
shopping, bookings, getting directions, downloading coupons and much more. Jeeeni is free to
Users and available on the Google Play and App Store.
Jeeeni’s primary monetisation is the subscription model with a starting package of £9.95. In later
phases, Jeeeni plans to tap into other income channels and exploit certain vertical markets.
Jeeeni was founded in January 2014 by Siraj Sayed, Kevin Le Jeune & Phil Sanchez with the goal
of helping businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of the smartphone. Today, Jeeeni is a
global player with partnerships established in a number of countries including Brazil, Austria &
Bangladesh and in further negotiation with Argentina & Australia.