Sustainability & climate change

West London Business believes that tackling air quality and finding new models of sustainable consumption and production through models such as The Circular Economy will be vital to the future of the sub-region’s economy.  This may be enabled through research and development into smart cities, along with many other areas of research and action.

Sustainability & Climate Change Policy Commission

Expanding industries risk expanding environmental impacts. In order to ensure a green future for West London, it is vital for businesses to continuously reduce their carbon footprint. Members of this panel launched in late February 2016 will explore the potential for West London to establish itself as a leader in smart city technologies and circular economy innovations.

The Commission published its report “Green City in the West: Leading the transition” at the West London Futures conference in early March 2017.

If you would like to send your feedback about the report, please get in touch with before Friday 14th April 2017.

Founding sponsor of this policy commission is Heathrow.