Park Royal- Upcoming Events!

WHEN: Wednesday 6 April, 6 – 8pm
WHERE: Co Work Hub Ltd, Victoria Road, London NW10 6NB
The Park Royal Transport Study, completed earlier this year, provided a strategic assessment of the existing transport provision in Park Royal, the impact of the planned future growth and identified the transport interventions required to mitigate those impacts. At this workshop, the OPDC will review the findings of the study and work with you to prioritise the interventions.


  Please register and attend this important event and make sure your voice is heard.


WHEN: Friday 6 May, 5 – 10pm
WHERE: Fit Out UK, 27 Abbey Rd, London NW10 7SJ


The first Park Royal Informal offers friends of PRBG to wind down the working week in good company with fellow Park Royal businesses. Join us for a short keynote, an open bar and plenty of good conversations over a beer.




**Guest speaker to be confirmed**
For more information or to book, e-mail


WHEN: Wednesday 18 May,
 8 – 3.45pm


Join the PRBG’s Infrastructure Summit on Wednesday 18 May for a:


Morning Discussion 




WHEN: 8-10am
WHERE: Fit Out UK, 27 Abbey Rd, London NW10 7SJ
£25+VAT per person
The discussion will be around broadband, utilities and Crossrail/HS2.
Light breakfast included.
Afternoon Visit to the Manufacturing Technology Centre
WHEN: 12.30-3.45pm
WHERE: MTC, Antsy Park, Coventry
The visit includes a networking lunch and a tour and presentation of the MTC.

A coach will be arranged to transport the guests from Park Royal to Coventry and back

– Park Royal to the MTC; Departure 10.15am; Charge to be confirmed

– MTC to Park Royal; Departure 3.45pm; Charge to be confirmed


Morning Discussion AND Visit to the Manufacturing Technology Centre
WHEN: 8 – 3.45pm
£25+VAT per person
 Join either the morning discussion AND/OR the visit to the MTC.

For more information, please email