Professorial lecture on Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in health monitoring and assessment of structures

Speaker: Professor Amir Alani

Date: Tuesday 15 March 2016, 5pm

Venue: Dr William Barry Theatre,

 St Mary’s Road, Ealing site

Registration with refreshments opens at 
4:45pm and the lecture will begin at 5pm

Professor Amir Alani, Head of the School of Computing and Engineering, will give a lecture on Tuesday 15 March about the applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in health monitoring and assessment of structures. 
The lecture
Bridge and structural engineers increasingly prefer to use non-destructive testing methods and in particular the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technique. In recent years GPR inspection of highways infrastructure has evolved as a powerful tool, offering several advantages in comparison with traditional methods. This non-destructive and non-invasive method has proved to be reliable, fast, detailed and comprehensive.
In this lecture, Professor Alani will present information about the principles of GPR, IBIS (radar with interferometric capabilities) and 3D laser scanning techniques. He will demonstrate their applications using case studies of a major tunnel; two significant bridges; and a 3,400-year-old monument. The lecture promises to bring a personal perspective to the field, based as it is on Professor Alani’s own research and development work.

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About Professor Amir Alani

Professor Amir Alani is a chartered civil engineer and a fellow member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He has worked in UK higher education for nearly 24 years and is an expert in the assessment, repair and maintenance of civil engineering infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and buildings. Professor Alani is also a management committee member for a COST Action project (European Cooperation in Science and Technology TU1208 Project) with the title of ‘Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)’. 

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