Our track record

West London Business’ roots go back to the early 1990s. Over several decades we have delivered a range of programmes and impacted in numerous areas:


  • Project managed development of LDA-funded West London Economic Development Strategy (2004-6)
  • Helped to broker redeployment and mentoring services through our membership and partners for Gillette when their Brentford manufacturing site closed in 2006; 380 of the 500 staff were successfully redeployed through these efforts.
  • Created and manage the West London Business Awards (2013-)


  • Implemented West London Inward Investment Programme with LDA and Think London (2004-2009)
  • Formulated and published policy manifestos for national and local elections, on behalf of the West London business community
  • Actively supported successful efforts to secure Davies Commission backing for Heathrow


  • Initiated the Golden Mile Group, which became the Golden Mile Transport Group
  • Launched and facilitates the Park Royal Business Group

Enterprise Development

  • Created and led London West Business Consortium
  • Managed 7 local agencies supporting over 600 start-ups and micros
  • Secured ERDF funding (£0.5m) for – and lead partner for – Gateway Asia
  • Assisted over 250 businesses develop their exports