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Five clusters of categories make up the West London Business Awards:

* Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are enterprises which employ fewer than 250 persons and which have an annual turnover not exceeding £44 million (€50 million), and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding £38 million (€43 million).

SME SECTOR LEADERSHIP – you may only enter one category within SME Sector Leadership

  1. Business Services Company of the Year – The winner could range from a sole trader consultant/advisor through to a large services firm in any business services discipline from law to Facilities Management. Judges are looking for an approach that makes a real difference to your customers.
  2. Logistics Business of the Year – The logistics business that has worked its hardest to achieve their business goals. You will have demonstrated initiative, creativity and leadership to be a positive force for improvement in your sector.
  3. Retail / Wholesale Business of the Year – Are you investing into your communities and collaborating with the wider retail and wholesale community for mutual benefit? The winner will have made an outstanding contribution to the West London retail and/or wholesale sector.
  4. Software Business of the Year *NEW* West London’s biggest clusters, the winner will embody the world-class excellence in tech and/or creative industries for which West London is known. The scope is broad, and includes professionals from CleanTech, MedTech to FinTech. You should be able to demonstrate significant commercial success.
  5. Hospitality Business of the Year – Recognising hospitality sector businesses that are committed and passionate to achieve a perfect customer experience. Hotels, Meeting Venues, conference centres, Restaurants, Cafes etc. are all eligible to enter category.
  6. Food and Drink Business of the Year – The winning business will be the food & drink sector company that inspires their peers – a business that goes above and beyond what is expected of them to achieve customer delight.
  7. Property and Construction Business of the Year – The winning business might be a developer, contractor, or consultant in West London’s property sector. They will be experiencing rapid growth and success, highly contributing to the regeneration of the West London area.
  8. Creative / Media Business of the Year – The winning business might be an architect, advertising/marketing.PR agency, designer or production company based in West London. They will be highly innovative, contribute to the sector’s success and demonstrate their impact in customer delight.
  9. Finance Business of the Year – The winner of this award might be a bank, insurance company, pension adviser, financial adviser, or market disrupting FinTech that is achieving excellence in their delivery in and for West London.
  10. Manufacturing / Reprocessing Business of the Year – Recognising leading firms within the West London manufacturing and reprocessing industry.
  11. Health and Wellbeing Business of the Year – Are you delivering services that are transforming health in the community or the workplace? The winner will be making an outstanding contribution to health and wellbeing in West London and possibly beyond. They might, for example, be a care home provider, HealthTech innovator or provider of health insurance. (Companies that are transforming employee health and wellbeing in their own workplace should enter the Responsible Workplace Award category.)
  12. CleanTech Business of the Year The winner of this category will demonstrate an innovative technological process, project or service that increases performance, productivity and efficiency by minimising negative effects on the environment.
  13. Education & Training Provider of the Year – The award identifies, recognises and celebrates providers (public, private, social enterprise or charity) that are making a positive impact on West London’s economy through their high-quality provision.


  1. Responsible Workplace Award –Are you a great employer, shaping an inspiring workplace? Do you have exceptional benefits for your staff? Do you invest in keeping your team(s) at the cutting edge of skills and knowledge? Do you have excellent staff retention?  If so, you could be the winner of this award. This year, the judges are particularly keen to see entries from employers that set out their workplace response to the challenges of Covid-19 and/or Black Lives Matter.
  2. Apprentice of the Year – This award will be given to an individual apprentice who has made an exceptional contribution to their employer’s West London workplace.
  3. Community Investment Award – It could be local community involvement through skills based volunteering, support for charities, or other community initiatives. If you have a programme that provides win-win benefits for your company and wider society alike, you could be in the running for this award.  SME entries only – corporates see below.
  4. Green ‘Circular Economy’ Business of the Year – The winner of this award could be a company in any sector taking exemplary initiatives to fundamentally transform their business model into a ‘circular’ approach, thus minimising their environmental impact. SME entries only – corporates see below.
  5. Responsible Supply Chain Award Building a responsible and sustainable supply chain involves tackling the social, environmental and economic challenges of today and tomorrow through what you buy, and how you buy it. The Responsible Supply Chain Award recognises businesses that are leading transformation, innovation and impact in their supply chains to help shape a more sustainable business model. The judges are particularly keen to see entries from companies supporting the Prompt Payment Code.


  1. Start-up of the Year – Show how your start-up company (registered at Companies House in the three years prior to the Awards closing date) has brought a transformative or market disrupting product or service to the marketplace.  Demonstrate how you have raised funding for sustainable growth and how you plan to scale-up.
  2. Incubator/Accelerator/Coworking Space of the Year – The best incubators will successfully nurture disruptive ideas with the hope of building out a business model and company, whilst the best accelerators are rapidly scaling up the growth an existing business. The leading coworking spaces are easy to use, in a good location, with the right ambiance and facilities, and a team which is focused on delivering good value for the customer. This award will be won by the West London Incubator, Accelerator and/or coworking space which has been exceptional in these areas.
  3. Export/International Business of the Year – The business will be demonstrate a winning export or international strategy, securing new business from outside the UK.
  4. Resilient SME Innovator of the Year *NEW*– A Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) has less than 250 employees or has an annual turnover of under £44 million. Award entries should set out your resilience story through adapting your products, processes and services to the Covid-19 pandemic. Set out your SME’s story beginning when you were founded, and include recent achievements and your vision for the future.
  5. Park Royal Business of the Year – Any business on Park Royal, the UK’s largest industrial estate, that entered other categories in the awards will automatically be entered in this category. In addition, any Park Royal business working in a sector not covered by other categories can enter award category independently.


There are four awards in this category, three of which are long-listed by West London Business using independently verified data sets (**) . Long-listed companies will be invited to submit additional information for consideration by our judging panel in selecting finalists and a category winner. 

  1. ** Financially Resilient Corporate of the Year – This West London based corporate will demonstrate an outstanding level of financial resilience during their most recent financial reporting period, which is likely to include the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. ** Environmental Corporate of the Year – This West London-based corporate will be leading the way nationally and internationally in environmental performance and is likely to be incorporating the principles of the Circular Economy into their business processes.
  3. ** Socially Responsible Corporate of the Year – This West London-based corporate will be a leader in socially responsible businesses practices.
  4. Organisational Excellence Corporate of the Year – This corporate with substantial investment and operations in West London will be leading the way in delivering excellent business practice in their sector – and will particularly shine in how they adopt a partnership approach to working with and supporting their customers, evidencing customer delight.  This is on open-entry category for corporates across multiple sectors.


  1. West London Business Leader of the Year TThe leader that has gone the extra mile in the past year in their contribution to the environment and/or local community. Leaders (or their representatives) can nominate themselves for consideration, but would usually include references for their Senior Leadership team and peers. Telephone interviews may be conducted where supplementary information is needed for the judging panel.
  2. Lifetime Achievement in Business Award  – The business leader, typically has at least forty years’ business experience behind them that can demonstrate exemplary leadership in business and a wider contribution to their sector, the environment and/or local community. Judging criteria for this award is based on community and/or environmental impact. Leaders (or their representatives) can nominate themselves for consideration, but would usually include references for their Senior Leadership team and peers.

Overall Winner: West London Company of the Year 2020 – This award will be given to one of the winners of the other 29 categories and cannot be entered separately. It will be the entry which, in the eyes of the judges, was the most remarkable.  The climax of awards night, it is a highly prestigious category to win.

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