KSBC is a specialist in planning and managing complex relocations, covering end-to end technological infrastructure, from planning to design to install and ongoing support.

We use Technology Performance Certification (TPC), developed in partnership with University College London and InnovateUK, to give an in-depth, independent report providing clear, actionable recommendations based on the logistics, timeframes and costs involved in bringing a site in line with your specific requirements. TPC has three parts:


Evaluates the availability of ICT based on supply and distribution in an office or building with a percentage rating. A high percentage rating indicates less cost and time will be required to uplift the building’s technology.


Assesses ICT according to the client’s bespoke needs. This helps the move team get a clear understanding of the real cost and timescales to complete your move.


Managing the move. This assessment verifies ICT test reports on supply and installation, lease purchase and support contracts. At this stage, we produce a final TPC report including a detailed roadmap with all key activities and milestones for your move.


West London Business members can receive one free TPC Availability Report. For more information please contact jamie.odonnell@ksbc.co.uk or call 07714944566

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