Ideabatic (Smile)

Ideabatic (Smile)
Ideabatic (Smile)
In brief:
SMILE, Smart Last-mile Cooling System, is a freeze-free and fail-safe carrier that allows the transportation of life-saving vaccines.

SMILE – Ideabatic’s SMILE carrier is freeze-free, fail-safe and aims to reduce vaccine  and sample wastage to below 5%.

SMILE maintains vaccines and bio-samples at a stable temperature for 3 to 6 days even when in use. We achieve this by using a bespoke SMILE icepack and our patented air-locking system. This means that we do not need electricity or external power when in use and SMILE keeps these products cool for much longer. SMILE’s all-in-one travel jacket improves vaccination efficiency and minimises vaccine breakage over tough terrains.

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