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Social Power
In brief:
Solving the toughest domestic energy efficiency problems with next-gen insulation (spray/paint on application).

Social Power have developed a disruptor to the insulation market.

Eco 1 is a nanotechnology resin – a modern and safe alternative to Cavity Wall insulation (CWI), cladding and Interior wall insulation (IWI).

The nanomolecular nature of Eco1 resin traps air in tiny pockets that are 1/100000th of the width of a human hair. These billions of tiny air pockets disrupt the flow of heat, resulting in greatly reduced heat loss. Eco1 is thermal insulation for the 21st Century.

Eco1 is the ideal product to alleviate the problems of cold homes, mould caused by water ingress into brick work and dampness.

Just three coats (0.25mm) of Eco 1 is the equivalent of 70mm of EWI or IWI, we have achieved an 0.47 U value on an unfilled cavity wall.

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SW18 7NB