Additive Flow
Address: EC2M 1NH
In brief:
Additive Flow’s technologies empower users to take additive manufacturing further than it has ever gone before for applications across many industrial sectors.
Big Atom
Address: W1W 6QG
In brief:
New technology for plastics and rubber recycling.
Blast Studio
Address: W12 8DW
In brief:
Using take-away waste around London from cafés, restaurants and public collections points they transform it into a resistant biomaterial for outstanding sustainable objects and furniture.
Address: CB4 2HY
In brief:
Next generation non toxic adhesive for wood panel industry, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and other niche applications.
Master Filter
Address: SE1 9HZ
In brief:
Simple and easy to fit filter system.
Address: EC1V 2NX
In brief:
Process to produce sustainable advanced materials – a wide range of zinc oxide structures and other Zn-based chemistries.
OSOL Global
Address: E16 2DQ
In brief:
A Strong Commitment to Developing Sustainable Future by helping societies and organizations to choose and apply their optimal technologies and effectively utilize their resources
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Address: SM5 1DA
In brief:
A permeable pavement to mitigate against flooding.