Address: EC1V 2NX
In brief:
Creating novel materials from waste feathers e.g. Pluumo – a sustainable thermal packaging material designed to replace expanded polystyrene used during food deliveries
Address: SE1 0NZ
In brief:
Eco-friendly, reusable smart bags used in conjunction with an online shopping platform which empowers buyers to promote, pick and purchase from brands who are kind to people and the planet.
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Address: CB4 2HY
In brief:
Next generation non toxic adhesive for wood panel industry, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and other niche applications.
Address: SE11 4TH
In brief:
Tech-enabled reusable lunchbox scheme to reduce single-use packaging waste from the food-to-go industry.
Address: N11 1JF
In brief:
The supply of returnable and refillable travel miniatures.
Address: N6 5QD
In brief:
Help organisations reduce carbon emissions through community engagement and personal action.
Address: NW1 5PU
In brief:
Innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet using renewable sources—like sugarcane waste
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Address: WC2H 9JQ
In brief:
Paints and textile powders from pigments derived from plant and food waste.
Address: WC2A 2JR
In brief:
Eco-ethical children’s accessories and toys made from safe recycled materials.
Address: W12 7BA
In brief:
100% compostable and plastic-free cleaning tools
The Shellworks
Address: N1 9RF
In brief:
Transforming waste lobster shells into recyclable biodegradable plastic