Address: CB4 2HY
In brief:
Next generation non toxic adhesive for wood panel industry, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and other niche applications.
Address: N11 1JF
In brief:
The supply of returnable and refillable travel miniatures.
Fund Waste
Address: WC2H 9JQ
In brief:
Revenue sharing scheme for paper and plastic recycling.
Address: EC3R 7BB
In brief:
Sustainable cleaning products removing single use plastics, using refillable bottles and tabs.
Refrain (formerly Gaia Refills)
Address: N6 5QD
In brief:
Beauty with a conscious
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Seep Company
In brief:
100% plastic-free and compostable cleaning products
Smile Plastics
Address: UB7 8JD
In brief:
Smile Plastics transforms waste materials into unique decorative panels for the architecture and design industry.
Address: W1W 7LT
In brief:
The pasta straw –
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The Shellworks
Address: N1 9RF
In brief:
Transforming waste lobster shells into recyclable biodegradable plastic
Turn and Flow
Address: N1 4QT
In brief:
We work with different communities to recycle organic pads and tampons, turning them into renewable energy and fertiliser.
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