Golden Mile Transport Group

The Golden Mile Transport Group (GMTG) is a partnership of businesses which are based along the Great West Road or ‘Golden Mile’ in London Borough of Hounslow, alongside representatives from the London Borough of Hounslow, Transport for London and the Highways Agency.  It is the successor body to the Golden Mile Group that West London Business helped initiate.


The purpose of the forum is to make transport in the Golden Mile area more efficient and sustainable. The businesses within the Golden Mile work together to:

  • help improve transport in the area
  • inform the development of new services and infrastructure
  • benefit from advice on how best to promote sustainable travel choices to their staff


The Golden Mile comprises of a section of the Great West Road (A4) within the London Borough of Hounslow, including the areas of Chiswick, Brentford and Isleworth. Stretching from Gillette Corner in Syon Lane to Chiswick Park, this 2.5 mile area forms an important corridor into central London.

With access to the M4 motorway the area is currently a prominent commercial area with an estimated 200 organisations located in the area, employing between 20,000 and 25,000 employees.

Organisations currently found in the Golden Mile specialise in a variety of services including media, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and light industry. The area is diverse with multinational corporations and small local independent companies working alongside each other.

Transport challenges

The GMTG directly and indirectly tackles the transport challenges in the area.   Significant volumes of traffic travel through the Golden Mile along the A4 and M4 every day. The M4 is near its full capacity and there are often significant delays and congestion to local traffic in the event of incidents on either the M4 or A4.

There is a need to find alternative ways of combating congestion by promoting sustainable forms of transport to local businesses, whilst maintaining the vitality of the area.

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