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As we come out of the latest coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the focus for many companies will be to boost business, and that is to be expected. Many retailers, banks and hospitality businesses are reporting signs of recovering consumer demand since the 17th of May, and there is cautious optimism about the prospects for the UK economy.

The truth is the workplace will be very different post-pandemic as companies rethink misconceptions. These include staff are less productive working from home, that businesses can only work to a 9am to 6pm schedule, 5 days a week and so on.

Many local employers have expressed the importance of staff well-being and personal development. This, if anything, is to ensure staff, have a buy-in to the restart and give 2021 the best chance of being a success not just where they work but in their own personal lives.
So it is worth asking whether as a local business, you have given some thought to in-work skills training for your staff.

What if the training available was FREE, nationally recognised and accredited with certificates That is where the NEW LONDON EDUCATION TRUST (NLET) can help.

New London Educational Trust are pleased to announce the continuation of the London Learning Project (LLP). The project is in conjunction with Greater London Authority and funded through the European Social Fund, to support London companies, and their local staff, to re-energise their business activities through training and education.

The LLP focuses on the Health and Social Care, Retail and Hospitality sectors and is designed to support employees who live in the West London boroughs* to gain accredited units from recognised national awarding bodies.

Participants will also receive individual advice and guidance from trained specialist staff to identify what activities will help them achieve progression in their jobs, develop their skills and understanding and the added benefit of access to a range of online courses that will support their personal and professional development and increase their efficiency and effectiveness as employees.

This project is completely FREE to all eligible employees and their employers. In response to Covid-19 the LLP is also available to eligible furloughed staff. The LLP has been devised to ensure all eligible staff will be able to access safe, secure, and flexible delivery with online sign up, 1-2-1 advice through Zoom sessions, a personal tutor to support each participant and, access to NLET’s fully Covid-19 complaint main campus in Hounslow.

For more information please contact Sutish Sharma, Employee Engagement Manager at NLET on quoting “WEST LONDON BUSINESS – LONDON LEARNING” in the subject line, or call 07484 088 692.

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