You don’t have to be an accountant to be able to understand the financial figures behind your business. Our short series of workshops are designed to provide you with more confidence in dealing with the financial aspects of your business. At the end of the training you will feel more confident in managing your business finances, from budgeting to pricing.

If you are a business or resident who runs a business based in Hounslow Borough these workshop are complementary as you will be eligible for a grant from the London Borough of Hounslow.   Businesses from out of London Borough of Hounslow will be charged £20 to attend.

Workshop Title
Date and Venue
Booking Link
3 hours
27th January 2016, Hounslow
3 hours
9th February 2016, Hounslow
3 hours
23rd February 2016, Hounslow
3 hours
8th March 2016, Hounslow
3 hours
22nd March 2016, Hounslow